Dota 2 WESG 2019 Odds & Picks

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  WESG 2019

  WESG is set to take place March 7, with competitions taking place across multiple esports including Dota2. Photo by @WitchDoctorGG


  World Electronic Sports Games 2019 starts March 7th, in Chongqing

  Will Russia win back-to-back titles?

  Can EHOME pull off an upset?

  WESG is quickly approaching, with the Olympic style tournament taking place from March 7-10, in Chongqing. Though there are many esports that are competed in at WESG, we’re going to focus in on Dota2.

  Heading into WESG, Team Russia is the early favorite, with Chinese squad Keen Gaming sitting second in the odds. It’s a unique tournament because there is a mix of professional players teaming up with other professional players who are their fellow countrymen, but some professional teams don’t even need to make a change at all.

  This brings forth an interesting dynamic because though a team may have more talented players on their roster, a roster that has played together longer may just end up having the edge. There are four different groups of six teams each, and we’ll take a look first at prospective winners in each.

  *All odds taken on 03/01/19

  The two top teams in Group A are both Chinese teams that have played together for quite some time, so it will be no surprise if one of the two comes out on top. Though Ukraine Yellow does boast some solid players headlined by No[o]ne from Virtus.Pro, I’m not sure they’ll be able to get it done against the Chinese squads who have teamed for so long.

  I would give the edge to EHOME here to take Group A, as they have just had more solid performances throughout late 2018-19. Though Aster may be able to take it, and possibly even Ukraine Yellow, I wouldn’t look any further than EHOME in group A.

  Pick: EHOME (+160)

  To be honest, I don’t think it’s even worth looking at any team other than Keen Gaming heading into Group B at WESG. Team Australia could maybe challenge Keen, but I don’t really see it happening.

  Keen has played together as a roster for the last few months, and found some pretty decent results thus far. Meanwhile Team Australia is a mix team with no two players currently playing on the same professional team. In Group B, I would probably only advise taking Keen Gaming to win out here.

  Pick: Keen Gaming (+120)

  Team Russia head into Group C as the favorite to win, but for some reason out of the favorites of each group they hold the highest return to win. At +185 it’s the best value of any of the group favorites, and they are almost a sure thing to win.

  At +185 Team Russia offers the best value of any of the group favorites, and they are almost a sure thing to win.

  TNC and Team Team may prove to be a little bit of trouble here, but the talent that Team Russia has surely will overrun any other opponent in Group C. Look no further than the VP/Gambit hybrid squad to finish on top on Group C.

  Pick: Russia (+185)

  Heading into the final group at WESG, the Brazilian side Canarinho sit at the top as the favorite, but they may not be just as big of a lock as you would think. With 3/5 of Canarinho made up of members of Chaos esports, they certainly have a more solid core than many of the other teams in the group.

  Mr Game Boy head into Group D with their full regular squad so they may just be able to topple the Brazilians due to their experience playing together as a five man. My advice here would be to go for Mr Game Boy. They are probably one of the top 10-12 Chinese teams, a region that is dominant in Dota2, and their experience playing as a team should show at WESG.

  Pick: Mr Game Boy (+250)

  The favorite heading into the event really should be the ones to come out on top here, though there may be a few teams that can challenge the Russians. They were able to take last year’s WESG by beating Pain Gaming in the finals on their way to the $800,000 prize for first, and they have gotten arguably better this year picking up Afoninje from Gambit.

  Team Russia? were able to take last year’s WESG? and they’ve gotten arguably better this year picking up Afoninje from Gambit.

  The only other teams heading into the event that I could see even challenging the Russians are EHOME, Keen, and TNC. All three are Asian teams that have found some success thus far in 2019, and the big thing with these three squads is that they will be playing with their regular rosters.

  I don’t see it being enough in Chongqing for any of the Asian teams though. I fully expect the Russians to go back-to-back at WESG and once again take home the top prize of $500,000. They are just too strong as individual players, with the core of VP and one of the better players off Gambit. Regardless of the fact that they don’t regularly play together, look no further than the Russians to take it all at WESG.

  Pick: Russia (+500)


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